Member-to-Member Outreach Program Flyer

Fellow PEF Members!!!

Please consider volunteering to do some phone banking for the WNYALF endorsed candidates for the Niagara County Legislature.   Se the attachment for times & locations.





Member-to-Member Outreach Program In Support of our
Niagara County Legislative Candidates

Mark Grozio (3rd LD) David Naus (11th LD) Anthony Molinaro (12thLD) Josh Walker (15th LD)

When: Oct. 29th – 4:30 – 8pm Oct. 30th – 4:30 – 8pm Nov. 4th – 4:30 – 8pm

Nov. 5th – 12pm - 2:30pm & 5:30-7:30pm Where: IBEW Hall Local 237

8803 Niagara Falls Blvd - Niagara Falls, N.Y

Contact: Chris Borgatti – AFSCME Political Coordinator (716) 622- 5912 -

NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo: Preserve WNY Children's Psychiatric Center (WNYCPC) as a Center of Excellence in West Seneca for WNY Children, Youth and their Families Battling Serious Mental Illness

By jessica noack

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I am a volunteer at the WNY Children's Psychiatric Center. I see first-hand the wonderful work being done with children, adolescents, and their families who are battling serious mental illness. Opened in 1970 WNYCPC is a 46 bed inpatient psychiatric hospital operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYS OMH) and accredited by the Joint Commission. Currently this treatment takes place on their 103,740 square foot campus in serene West Seneca, NY. Children and adolescents (ages 4-18 years old) battling serious mental health illnesses are provided the highest quality treatment which not only benefits the youth but also benefits the entire family, as all WNYCPC staff members are trained in family centered care, trauma informed therapy, and preventing and managing crisis situations. In addition, each member of all three treatment teams are trained in the specialized modalities such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Unit 807, Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Unit 805 and Sensory Modulation for Unit 806 patients. 
As part of the NYS OMH's "Centers of Excellence Plan" WNYCPC is scheduled to lose 10 inpatient psychiatric care beds for children and adolescent in the Western New York Community (currently covering 19 counties). WNYCPC's inpatient children and youth will be moved to 2 inpatient wards at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center (BPC). It should be noted that WNYCPC is the only facility in this plan where children and youth are moving to co-mingle with the adult psychiatric population (sharing recreational areas such as the pool and gym). At the end of this plan there will be a devastating loss of 120 inpatient beds for seriously mentally ill children and youth, with 40 of those beds coming out of the WNY community. 
We are hoping the community will contact you, Governor Cuomo, and our elected leaders in the Western New York Delegation to say that the Mental Health of our Children and Youth Matters in our Community!!! 
Please Governor Cuomo "Preserve WNYCPC as a Center of Excellence for Children in West Seneca".

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Donations for PEF Downstate Members Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Hi All:   See below the needs of our members in the downstate area!!!!   If you want to leave your donation at the regional office, I will make sure the stuff get to the people down state.   Money will be welcomed as well.   I will keep you apprised of all the needs.

Thanks.  Kevin

Good Afternoon,

We are planning on bringing more needed supplies downstate this weekend, and in the weeks to come.  We know that many of your members have been anxious to help out with relief efforts.  If you would like to reach out to your members to start collecting donations, we will work with you (those of you specifically in upstate locations) on arrangements to get the items so we can transport them to our members downstate.

We are hearing that residents in the Rockaways are in desperate need of clothing donations. Specifically:

-adult outerwear: winter coats, scarves, gloves and hats -all children's clothing: shirts, sweaters, pants, outerwear including mittens; underwear (new not donated).  Connie, Jemma and Sheik - please let us all know what other specific items are needed.

Thanks very much,